Getting started with our Code Email

Here's a quick video that shows how a Code Email is configured to be sent to each new subscriber of a MailChimp Email:

What's a Code Email?

A Code Email is an email containing a unique code that's sent out to a specific email address based on a trigger. The unique code in email is picked from the configured code list. You can either import you own unique codes into this list or create an autogenerated list if your platform is supported.

Here's how it works:

  1. A Code Email is triggered by some integration. The integration will let us know which email address that have requested a code.
  2. We pick one of the available codes in your list or generate a new one if the list is autogenerated.
  3. The email is created and sent of to the email address.
  4. Finally the code is marked as delivered and won't be sent to anyone else.

A trigger is the thing that tells Coupon Carrier to send an email with a code to a specific email address. There a different ways to trigger your Code Email. A common one is to monitor your email list for new subscribers and send a new email to each new subscriber as they join your list. But you can also use other trigger from other apps that we support, either directly or using our  Zapier app

The email can be customized with your own subject, sender, logo, message etc. You can also choose to display the code as a barcode/qrcode. The message in this email supports HTML so you can use that to do some additional customization in the email. If you need a completely custom email you can  contact us for more information on our current options.

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