Getting started with our Redeem Link

How does it work?

Coupon Carrier allows you to upload a list of unique codes and then place a custom link in your email or anywhere else. This link should contain the recipient's email address, that's how we can identify who we should assign the code to. When this link is clicked the subscriber is redirected to a landing page that shows their unique code. The first time the link is clicked Coupon Carrier will assign one of the unique codes to that subscriber. The next time they click the link they will see the same code so they won’t receive new codes each time they click the link. 

The landing page can be customized with your logotype, message and optionally a button to link to your store. The button link can also include the unique code so that it can be attached to your store link if you have support for that. 

Here's an example of an email with a button (on the left) that takes the subscriber to a landing page (on the right) that shows them their unique code: 

A Redeem Link configuration can be customized to your needs. Add a link to your logotype, enter a message and optionally add a button that links to your store.

In the last section there's a special feature called Code renewal. It's a feature that allows a new code to be assigned to the same subscriber via the same link if a set number of days has passed since the last time they received a code. In this case you want to send the same email, with the same link, each year to your subscribers. If this feature isn’t used they will never receive a new code, instead they would see the same code a year later since they already have a code assigned to them.

To use this for our birthday email we need to set it to around 300 days to make sure that by the time the next email is sent a new code will be allowed and assigned. Let’s enable Code renewal and set it to 300 days.

How to add the Redeem Link to your email (MailChimp example)

Each ESP (Email Service Provider) has their own way of allowing you to include the recipient's email address in the email content or in links. MailChimp uses a merge tag named *|EMAIL|*. Other common ones can be [email] or something similar. Check with your provider on how to do this in your emails.

Create a button/link and add the Redeem Link that you can find at the top of your configuration:

Add this link to your email and change the last part to use the email merge tag from your provider. In case of MailChimp it would be:*|EMAIL|*

MailChimp Email Editor:

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